VNOs need autonomy

Without autonomy from traditional MVNE platforms or incumbent BSS platforms, many MVNOs are unable to disrupt in a saturated B2C market, connect the unconnected or enter the growing B2B/IoT market.

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Trying to innovate whilst running your own BSS stack is often cost prohibitive and resource intensive.

VNOnDemand is a BSS-as-a-Service specifically configured to provide fixed and mobile VNO/Es and brand entrants the freedom they need to deliver profitable services. Using a pay-as-you-grow model, we flexibly manage monetisation, assurance and data-driven engagement, minimising new expenditure and skills.

VNOnDemand Analytics

Many MVNOs lack the critical information they need to help steer their businesses.

We provide business critical analytics for less than the cost of a data scientist, and you don’t have to pay for licenses or infrastructure. Our analytics can be up and running within hours, using data from your existing BSS platform.

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VNOnDemand Analytics

MDS Global powers iD Mobile growth

Launched in 2015, iD Mobile has grown rapidly, contracting 335,000 subscribers in its first 15 months, and 700,000 in less than 24 months. iD Mobile is built on an integrated end-to-end digital platform, powered by MDS Global’s VNOnDemand, which offers:

  • Real-time management of customer experience
  • Online order management and provisioning
  • Customer care and billing
iD Mobile Case Study

We enable the following types of service providers

Existing pre-paid MVNOs

Switch on hybrid and post-pay services.

VNOnDemand can introduce, replace or interoperate with your existing pre-paid and/or OCS platform so you can realise hybrid digital services.

Fixed line operators

Build a convergent mobile strategy.

VNOnDemand enables you to swiftly add mobile to your service mix, including single-bill generation and revenue assurance.

New Brands and Entrants

Mitigate high-risk and cost.

Launching mobile or fixed line services is CAPEX intensive and high risk. Our as-a-service approach makes it easy and offers a pay-as-you-use commercial model.


Give your customers the freedom to innovate.

Help them switch to new, digitally-hybrid services across B2C, B2B and IoT services – going beyond pre-paid only.

IoT & Industry Vertical VNOs

Launch products as services.

Many IoT businesses have little experience in networked service management. VNOnDemand offers to minimise risk, complexity and resources at every stage.

Enterprise and B2B VNOs

Serve the developing SME market.

Underserved by most network operators, enterprises now require personalised group-based services per account, covering a wide array of products and solutions. VNOnDemand is designed for B2B.

Strategic Flexibility

We offer service flexibility to suit your current business drivers, which may lie across a number of dimensions:

  • New target sectors
  • Changing existing business sector strategy
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Stimulating revenue
  • Switching to a leaner & more agile BSS operation
  • Seeking ways to optimise your business
Use Cases Examples

MDS Global empowers JOi Telecom (ACN Group) across 18 different countries

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VNOnDemand provides you with new opportunities as you extend your marketplace.

Digital engagement to excite customers and lower cost

All customer and stakeholder processes, from order management and service change to enquiry and termination, can be done via digital channels.

The on-demand era expects seamless, barrier-free interactions, complete personalisation, and the comfort that goes with absolute control. We enable these experiences. Digital engagement saves customer service costs and accelerates orders.

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As-a-Service to minimise costs and IT complexity

Reduce dependency on IT and BSS skills. We look after every aspect of revenue assurance, business change and digital engagement. We work closely with your partners and IT eco-system to ensure end-to-end assurance.

DevOps is a key feature of our offering. This means you have exceptional business agility and flexibility within a pay-as-you-grow and SLA model.

BSS-as-a-Service Diagram

Comprehensive Digital BSS Stack

Our services are based on a comprehensive BSS portfolio that can flexibly integrate into your existing eco-system. We can also introduce and manage OSS and core network components to serve as a full (M)VNO stack.

BSS Portfolio

Advanced analytics and industry expertise

In addition to our critical analytics, our advanced analytics and steering services provide business units and channels, such as resellers, the knowledge they need to:

  • Make critical business decisions on sales, services and profitability
  • Serve customers better with insight
  • Steer behaviour, upsell and customer usage
Data Roaming Analysis

Do It Yourself Plans – build the perfect hybrid offer

Give all customers the same experience and controls. Let them build their own services. Smartly and selectively discriminate with personalised payment models, contextualised channels and service options.

Our service incorporates full revenue assurance and real-time control for post-paid and pre-paid service convergence.

DIY Plans

Multi-network & service support for nPlay services

Deliver services based on fixed, mobile, LPWN, cloud and OTT partner services to provide convergent services to retail, business and IoT users alike.

BT, O2 and UK Post Office are examples of operators using the same platform for fixed line, mobile and IoT services across B2C, B2B and B2B2X segments.

Connected Networks Over City

Improve retention with automated contextual engagement

Improve customer engagement with personalised service notifications and marketing. Using analytics and a dynamic engagement engine we can automate customer offers, notifications and care using their contextual behaviour, which reduces churn, efficiently upsells and delivers delight.

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True B2B capabilities provide unrivalled market expansion

SME/SOHO and IoT (B2B2X) are significant growth areas in B2B. Incorporate business services (eg. cloud storage, Office 365, PBX and VPN), home services (eg. security, shared family plans and multimedia) or monetising the Internet of Things into your market ambitions.

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Deliverable to production within 12 weeks using our Metro option

Metro is a deployment approach designed to deliver our solutions faster and at low cost, using convention over configuration principles. It delivers all the features and use cases of our flagship BSS product, Cloud Monetisation Platform, and OSS/CRM modules, using standardised interfaces and best practice processes that are tried and tested for today’s market.

Metro also enables you to move towards our Global version – our solution fully tailored to your ecosystem and business practices as they grow, through additional configuration and solution options.

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Take a tour of VNOnDemand

MVNOs are empowered to provide a seamless customer experience across all digital touchpoints, whilst automated end-to-end processes drive down operational costs and resource. View the VNOnDemand Product Tour to visualise:

  • New customer sign-ups
  • In-life customer care
  • New propositions, sales and growth
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