Award-winning BSS for MVNO/Es

Take a tour of our award-winning VNOnDemand solution, focusing on three key use cases – customer sign ups, in life customer care, and new propositions, sales and growth – to understand how MDS Global can support your growth ambitions.

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Customer Sign Ups

MDS Global’s VNOnDemand solution enables customers to sign up to new services at home, on the go, or with the support of a sales agent online or in-store.

The automated end-to-end sales process dramatically reduces operational costs and resource, and quickly creates and provisions customers with their selected services.

Watch the first video in our Product Tour series to understand the full customer onboarding journey.

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In-Life Customer Care

MDS Global’s VNOnDemand solution ensures that customers experience a consistent level of service across all touchpoints, whether that’s via a self-serve app, where customers can manage their own services and subscriptions, or with customer service representatives who provide personalised support for all types of customer queries.

With VNOnDemand, operators can leverage the ability to provide right-first-time customer care and ensure customer centricity is at the heart of their operations.

Watch the second video in our Product Tour series to discover VNOnDemand’s in-life customer care capabilities.

New Propositions, Sales and Growth

With MDS Global’s VNOnDemand solution, MVNOs are empowered to create compelling new service packages through an intuitive catalogue portal that supports both the consumer and enterprise markets. This ensures the fast creation and timely launch of competitive new propositions which include telco and non-telco services, promotions, and usage bundles.

With pre-integrated APIs, the catalogue portal is visible to the end customer through a self-serve app and to sales agents through an agent portal. When configured, both the app and portal can intuitively offer appropriate products and services to users, helping to attract new customers and to upsell and cross-sell to the existing base.

Watch the third video in our Product Tour series to understand VNOnDemand’s propositions, sales, and growth capabilities.

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