Modular and extensive BSS Portfolio

Cloud Monetisation Platform (CMP), with open source, analytics and vendor partnerships, delivers an extensive BSS portfolio, designed to flexibly support different business architectures.

Functional Footprint

Our BSS portfolio centres around a Business Support core covering modular monetisation and analytics capabilities. A series of front office Channel Engagement controls can be further extended with new applications to deliver additional channel experiences via an omni-channel architecture.

A set of network, application and OSS interfaces, protocols and APIs enables open, direct and easy integration into your eco-system.

BSS Portfolio
Standard MDS Global BSS portfolio covers Business Support and Channel Experience layers (click to expand).

Servicing over 6.6m enterprise customers with Voice, M2M, Productivity Applications, Security, Cloud and Hosting services.

“We use MDS Global’s CMP to enrol, connect and manage corporate, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and consumer customers. CMP automates this process and logs customer details along with their tariff, package, bundle and invoice requirements”

IT Delivery Manager at O2

Deliverable to production within 12 weeks using our Metro option

Metro is a deployment approach designed to deliver our solutions faster and at low cost, using convention over configuration principles. It delivers all the features and use cases of Cloud Monetisation Platform, and OSS/CRM modules, using standardised interfaces and best practice processes that are tried and tested for today’s market.

Metro also enables you to move towards our Global version – our solution fully tailored to your ecosystem and business practices as they grow, through additional configuration and solution options.

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