The Revenue Protection Centre

Revenue Protection Centre (RPC, previously LRC) is an analytics-based incident detection and management system, designed to manage fraud, revenue leakage, business process risks and data quality issues. It is highly configurable to deal with the high-velocity continuous change in today’s business environment.

It generates alarms and reports, with case management and root-cause analysis tools as part of an integrated resolution system.

RPC on Laptop

RPC manages the following use-cases

Fraud Management

Detect potential fraud, investigate alarms to determine if fraud has occurred, and take action to prevent fraud from recurring. This covers subscription fraud, fraudulent use, prepaid fraud, roaming fraud, IT fraud and dealer fraud.

Revenue Assurance

Process the results of financial audits, such as switch-to-bill, inventory reconciliation, and interconnect audits. Then take action to recover lost revenue.

Risk Management

Evaluate and correct data and process anomalies that indicate non-compliance or increased risk (e.g. failed transactions with payment services partner).

Data Quality Management

Evaluate and correct instances of mismatched data, missing data, incorrect data, and other quality problems.

Loss Prevention

Identify and investigate cases of potential theft or compliance issues, often found in retail stores and reseller channels.

Process Evaluation and Defect Resolution

Take action on business process anomalies or conditions, such as when actual results differ from expected performance.

Agile Discovery Approach

Today, it is important to uncover known and future risks more quickly. RPC includes a new approach to assurance. Based on an analytics platform, RPC allows you to investigate hypotheses to discover new patterns of threat that do not follow traditional sequential and predictable paths. RPC then helps to complete the detailed analysis that is essential to accurately determine the underlying root cause of issues, and proactively and confidently adjust business processes and workflows.

Revenue Protection Centre Overview
RPC covers three key stages; 1. 'Data Management' to gather data from any information source, 2. 'Alarm and case investigation' that includes incident discovery, 3. 'Resolution and insight', to help manage the incident(s).


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