We enable
disruptive VNOs

Freedom to innovate in an evolving connected society.  BSS and analytics delivered as-a-service, fully managed and assured.

We simplify
complex B2B

Broaden your enterprise segments and service offering through digital efficiency and empowering enterprise control.

We rapidly monetise
IoT business models

Deliver every IoT application with a monetisation model defined by the business case and application value. Agile IoT monetisation.

We power AI-driven decisions
for telcos’ profit growth

Use AI-powered decision intelligence to reduce churn, drive new revenues and increase overall customer lifetime values.

Revenue Management Solutions
for Enterprise Service Providers, IoT Businesses and MVNOs

We specialise in managing every aspect of revenue management, business assurance and analytics, using our BSS-as-a-Service platform, leaving you free to drive your business.

Virtual Network Operators

MDS Global helps Virtual Network Operators to deliver innovative and digitally rich services to excite the market.

We provide a cost-effective BSS-as-a-Service solution for service providers, brand entrants and VNEs to grow beyond traditional telecom models and offer disruptive and innovative services.

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Enterprise Service Providers

MDS Global helps Enterprise Services Providers to sell and manage complex enterprise services efficiently.

We specialise in supporting Business-to-Business services. The business processes for selling and managing personalised group-based services to enterprises and public institutions are very different from selling mass, off-the-shelf, product packages.

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IoT Application Providers

MDS Global helps IoT Application Providers to feasibly monetise applications by value and service outcomes.

New approaches are required to monetise IoT applications. Connection value is typically low to support business model viability, so monetisation has to be based on higher application values. We offer IoT application enablers and providers an agile approach to monetisation. Learn more:

Our Customers

MDS Global supports more than 16 different service providers, running operations across 21 countries.

VNOnDemand to meet flexibility, functionality and service requirements

Billing, assurance and analytics for their business and IoT customers.

Billing, assurance and analytics for their business, IoT and MVNO services.

Revenue management and assurance for large enterprises, M2M and government.

Real-time customer experience and BSS for their iD Mobile brand.

Revenue management and assurance for enterprise services.

Revenue management for their Post Office broadband customers.

Fraud detection and interconnect settlement assurance.

Multi-tenant revenue management for their JOi MVNO across Europe.

Revenue assurance and fraud management in three operating countries.

Fraud detection and revenue for mobile services.

Spend analytics for partners and resellers.

Fraud and revenue assurance for all revenue lines.

Fraud detection and revenue assurance for KPN and KPN subsidiaries.

Analytics for insight into service usage, sales and customer segmentation

VNOnDemand to facilitate the launch of an innovative new MVNO

MDS Global. Make it easy.