Use data to drive your business

Using a combination of analytics, best practice algorithms and optional BSS capabilities, we deliver a range of solutions that exploit data to steer your business, partners and customers.

Cost reduction to revenue maximisation

Our services cover a number of critical business areas that can be deployed against your existing systems or pre-integrated with our BSS-as-a-Service.

Our best practice capabilities, which cover four critical areas, have been developed through continuous development in both small and large Tier 1 operators.

Featured Services

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Roam like home management

‘Roam like home’ competition and regulation threaten to destroy the margins of small operators and MVNOs, so it is essential you develop a clear understanding of your customers’ behaviour and usage patterns. This solution will enable you to protect your margins from unfair and fraudulent use, and optimise your plans.

The solution consists of several independent capabilities:

  • Margin analysis and predictive impact assessment
  • What-if modelling to revise contract rates and prices
  • Fair-use and fraud monitoring system
  • Review of strategic propositions and modelling
  • Derogation advice (EU only)
  • Wholesale cost optimisation
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Contextual next-best-action marketing

Employing data from a data warehouse, streaming processing or BSS, we are able to provide targeted notifications and service promotions as next-best-actions. These may be accessed via visual and voice-activated self-care tools. Our service delivers accuracy, relevance and compliance by:

  • Integrating with preferences at both the user and account level.
  • Building a profile of behaviour over a time window to minimise target-user annoyance.
  • Processing in real-time for critical and time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Incorporating service eligibility rules from product catalogues.
  • Based on definable and discovered customer sub-segments.
  • Noise and race reduction through clear and definable context event priorities.
  • Continuous learning through feedback loops.
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Churn Predictor

Our churn prediction solution generates and combines churn risk indicators and customer value to ensure retention budgets are targeted at the most valued customers. Customer value may not always be based on lifetime spend, but can include subscriber acquisition costs, target growth segments and usage trends. Key aspects:

  • The output of our solution can be used in agent dashboards, real-time digital contextual marketing programmes and forced/non-forced churn programs.
  • Extraction, cleansing, enriching and joining of data from a combination of BSS, DWH and IT systems. Attributes can be native or calculated.
  • Our services start with a review of your data sources and retention strategy to build a service specifically around your eco-system and business needs.
Wholesale Cost Optimisation

Wholesale cost optimisation

‘Wholesale cost optimisation’ delivers powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics to MVNOs to reduce the largest cost in their business, typically 40%-50% of revenue. Designed for both ongoing cost reduction and as a platform to support your negotiations with MNOs, our service delivers:

  • Standardised reporting to provide insight into existing costs, usage and churn.
  • Analytics package and supporting consultancy for wholesale re-negotiations.
  • Predictive algorithms to provide automated and ongoing optimisation of wholesale bundle allocation at a SIM level.
  • We tailor the service to maximise savings for you and your market segments, and it is particularly effective with bundle-based wholesale agreements.
  • To minimise resource requirements on your day-to-day business, we deliver this technology as-a-service.

Case Study

A global MVNO with revenues of over €640m wanted to reduce wholesale costs and improve margins across three countries. After implementing Wholesale Cost Optimisation, the MVNO achieved savings of €9m, equating to between 7% and 14% of their wholesale costs.

Proven - Across Tier 1 services providers

Bespoke - Professional services tailor to exact requirements

Modular to BSS - Pre-integrated option with MDS Global BSS-as-a-Service

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