The Board

John Burton – Chief Executive Officer

John Burton is the Chief Executive Officer at MDS Global. John has an extensive 35-year track record of heading up telecommunications software organisations. A Chartered Electronic Engineer, with MBA qualifications and experience in large telco enterprise sales, John has led international organisations to success, managing teams across the USA, India, Croatia, Ukraine, Philippines, and New Zealand.

John has founded, raised venture capital funding, grown, and sold two telecommunication software companies. John has the knowledge and ability to communicate with all stakeholders, understanding both the customer requirements, and the most complex technology, to deliver optimal solutions.

David Nyland – President, Lumine Group

David has over 25 years’ leadership and software company experience with strong domain expertise in telecommunications. After various telecommunications software company CEO roles, he joined Volaris in 2013 as President of the Communications & Media portfolio.

Since 2014, David has grown the portfolio into what is now known as Lumine Group. Lumine operates in over 30 countries, serves over 1500 customers, and includes 29+ acquisitions within the space, including MDS Global. David lives in Toronto, Canada but was originally from the UK and did his BEng in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Brunel University.