Efficiently fulfil a growing B2B and B2B2X market with Enterprise BSS

In high-definition data and communication, enterprise markets are a growth area. They will demand more co-created, personalised and secure business services as cloud-based applications, IoT/5G services and reliable business connectivity remain critical for productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

MDS Global enables O2 Business to satisfy SME/IoT businesses

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Recognising the need for a dedicated B2B2X solution

Every sale proposition is different

There is no such thing as a standard sale or proposition in your organisation. Either sales team build and configure unique customer propositions or your customers are demanding to build their own with autonomy and flexibility within the boundaries of multiple product options and sales policies.

Channel partners demand more autonomy

You use resellers and partners as routes to market. They demand real-time digital controls and insight so that they can support customers and sales more quickly and consistently, and with direct end-customer controls.

Launching new virtualised and as-a-service products

In addition to existing connectivity and hardware solutions, you are growing your portfolio quickly with services from new partners, virtualised networks and cloud-based solutions for heterogeneous network services, IoT/M2M solutions and enterprise solutions.

5G & IoT business launches

5G is designed predominantly for enterprises and IoT enablement. Selling co-created, private and assured service to business curators will strain your current service operations and need to be automated and monetised alongside new business models.

Enterprise service automation

Enterprises bring complex hierarchies with structures that vary by business function, from credit control to end-user needs to account governance. Automation and self-services has become critical to delivering better experience and reducing risk.

Supplier management

You need to automate the on-boarding of partner products. They need to be configured and embedded into existing and new service offers. Partners need service transparency, settlement and product controls to operate efficiently with you.

Networks Across London

B2BonDemand – Enterprise BSS

Designed from the ground up, B2BonDemand is a dedicated B2B BSS solution delivered as-a-service to Enterprise Service Providers.

For network operators and resellers, B2BonDemand manages the complexities in selling and supporting self-definable and framework-based services, covering connectivity (business and IoT), hardware and cloud services to SME, Large and Government Enterprises.

MDS Global enables TalkTalk Business to support SMEs

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Our capabilities have grown by supporting some of the most complex enterprise service providers. B2B2X is our DNA.

Enterprises get real-time digital control to lower cost to serve

With large expenditures and an increasing dependency on always being connected, online cost control, group management and service access is an essential tool for all stakeholders in the enterprise. It’s also one of the largest costs to enterprise service desks. Our systems support these tools and experiences in real-time.

B2BonDemand Spent Analysis

Parity of control for resellers lowers cost to serve

Giving resellers the ability to control multiple accounts efficiently and directly minimises the costs associated with servicing them, whilst also improving the end enterprise experience. Our partner portals provide personalised and definable access and insight to all your sales and reseller channels, ultimately driving both their business and yours.

Partner Dashboard Preview

Service-driven product catalogue offers fast and unlimited offer flexibility

To support on-demand Configure Price Quote (CPQ) engagement for enterprises, custom propositions and individual tariff negotiation, you need a rules-based product catalogue. We go even further and reduce the time-to-market and skills required to manage such rules. Our as-a-service approach configures them as ready-to-use services accessible via all defined channels, allowing you to focus on building your business model without being hindered by technology.

Product Catalogue Preview

Single platform for Fixed, Mobile and Cloud enterprises services

Break silos and automate the monetisation, assurance and steering of services from any network, partner or wholesale services domain. Having a single point of management and control enables cross-selling and up-selling of new services as part of both digital, reseller and assisted sales channels.

Fixed and Mobile Devices

Drive SDN/NFV compliant infrastructure for service personalisation

Definable network and data centre services can enable faster and more efficient customised services, service negotiation and business delivery. Integrate business stakeholder controls directly with SDN/NFV driven services, backed by our service assurance. Gain advantage by exploiting networks, network slices and data centres as they become platforms-as-a-service.

Networks on Vehicles

Multi-modal account hierarchies to service complex organisations

The way an enterprise is structured or viewed changes with respect to the service feature. For example, the billing hierarchy for cost control is different from the hierarchy that manages how services are shared, which is different from how users are notified of exceptions or service options to drive up-sell. Enterprise level workflows, tools and processes are based on managing large accounts and services in these different ways.

CMP Preview Hierarchies

Open CRM, POS & CPQ integration for best of breed integration

We have pre-integrations for salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics and a host of CPQ and POS systems. The same web-service enabled APIs offer integration with other preferred partners and the eco-systems that exist in both your organisation and your channel partners’ organisations.

Salesforce Platform

Online analytics to help steer your business

Embedded analytics to support agile and informed decision making, with zero degradation or interpretation issues. Provides granular customer-level information covering revenue, margins, connections, churn, debt analysis and much more. Supports self-service analysis and discovery.

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Online Analytics

Best practice B2B processes and tools to on-board you fast

Worksflows are pre-designed to manage and manipulate large, complex accounts, including bulk changes associated with framework agreements, negotiated tariffs and cost structures, to reflect your enterprise customer structures and policies. These cover the full business lifecycle across monetisation, assurance and data-driven business and customer steering.

CMP Preview

Top use cases and features

Managed M2M Services

Offer global M2M/IoT connectivity including those via wholesale and virtual network partnerships, with full connection/SIM control to enterprises.

In-cycle quota sharing, gifts and graces

Employee or account admin gifts, shares or grace (soft extension) quota to other employees or departments in real-time.

Business and personal usage separation

Using a variety of usage separation models, employees have separated accounts with control to dispute and reallocate usage.

Soft-barring and credit management

Controlled, real-time service limitation by employee when service policies, defined by agreement, are breached, with automatic and admin driven resets.

Drawdown pricing and discounting

Negotiated tariffs, packages, discounts and services, as part of a framework agreement, are automatically applied in linear and tiered formats.

Bespoke workflow by enterprise

Large enterprises have dedicated workflows easily accessible from within the account. Small enterprises are served with special optional picklists of non-standard workflows.

Personalised enterprise service self-care

Easy rebranding of enterprise self-care and definable/CPQ controls via a rules-based service catalogue.

Reseller & Partner Settlement

Settle with in-bound partners and out-bound resellers with digitised partner portals and insight.

Integrated security and access profiles

Account admins can allocate and provision specific value-added security management and usage control profiles by employee or group.

Employee self-care and usage insight

Employees can control and access specific rights with their own self-care as part of an enterprise account, including management of notifications and alerts.

Real-time enterprise usage analytics

Enable enterprises to dice their usage and costs in new dimensions to manage their enterprise needs better.

IoT Application Monetisation

Monetise IoT applications, bill-on-behalf-of IoT enterprises and settle with partners. Learn more.

Telecoms.com survey identifies critical requirements for enterprise markets and 5G ROI

MDS Global sponsored and provided the questions for the BSS/OSS section of the telecoms.com Annual Industry Survey 2019. The survey report concluded that modernising both network-facing and customer-facing support systems is a strategic imperative as well as a competitive necessity. Other key takeaways from this section of the survey are:

  • The B2B sector represents the greatest growth opportunity
  • Customisable network service and self-service will become highly demanded features
  • Automation of BSS is the future, but first the support system should move out of silos

Servicing enterprises, M2M and governments in Ireland

“MDS Global’s CMP allowed us to launch competitive bundles for the B2B and Government markets quickly. CMP has brought price changes down from 90 days to five days and has not only helped us retain our existing customer base, but also increased our competitiveness in the enterprise business sector”

Head of Business Mobile Product, Eircom Business Solutions

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