Out-of-the-box BSS

Metro is a deployment approach designed to deliver our solutions faster and at low cost, using convention over configuration principles.


The Metro approach to our solutions is the ideal place to start whether you are looking to rationalise away from an existing BSS environment (brownfield) or launch a greenfield operation.

Metro delivers all the features and use cases of our flagship BSS product, Cloud Monetisation Platform, and OSS/CRM modules, using standardised interfaces and best practice processes that are tried and tested for today’s market. Metro also enables you to move towards our Global version – our solution fully tailored to your ecosystem and business practices as they grow, through additional configuration and solution options.

Why BSS transformation projects often fail

Large scale BSS transformation projects inevitably take time. Yet all too often, they also disappoint. These projects may stretch across many years and cost millions of dollars, yet still fail to deliver.

Download this whitepaper to understand why some transformation projects disappoint or fail altogether, and to learn about an alternative approach, based on parallel infrastructure, which allows new services to be introduced and scaled without disrupting the established base.

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Why choose Metro?

Low deployment fees, pay-as-you-grow licencing and launch in 12 weeks

Launching a greenfield business, initiative or business unit

Greenfield initiatives demand low capital expenditure solutions to test new initiatives and disrupt the market.

Our license is based on a simple pay-as-you-grow model and is measured on the number of active subscriptions monetised by our platform, linking your costs to revenue. Cloud-based infrastructure also means your infrastructure costs only grow as your business grows.

Alternative to costly business transformation

Many service providers are facing long and expensive business transformation projects to enable them to support a more digital approach to their marketplace. With the maturity of 5G and fibre networks, alongside growing demand for IoT and non-telco products, business readiness has become urgent. At the same time, routes to market are becoming increasingly complex.

Metro will fast-track your launch at a significantly lower cost.

Software-as-a-Service led POC/MVP

Our cloud-ready SaaS product enables you to experience our products for real, instead of relying on lengthy, paper-based evaluations.

This is a low-cost, low-risk route to testing out your business model that can be readied for production once proof-of-concept or minimum viable product milestones have been achieved. We also offer a DevOps service model to meet your evolving requirements.

Learn more about CMP’s capabilities

Best practice scope and use cases

Configuration Center

Total operational flexibility with service creation and operational management tools

With Metro, there’s no limit to the number or type of propositions and price plans for B2C, B2B or B2B2X sectors, or even the type and frequency of billing. The business and operations console gives you direct, intuitive control to manage these options.

Or if you prefer, we can serve as your business operations team via our ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 compliant managed service, so you can focus your resources on other business needs.

Watch the CEO of redONE, Farid Yunus, explain redONE’s strategy for growth in the ASEAN MVNO market.

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