BSS-as-a-Service Capabilities

We focus on three key aspects of revenue management that can be adopted independently by your business.

Make it easy

Connectivity is now just one element of today’s re-bundled virtualised business and consumer services. These services are ever-changing, through network, device and cloud innovation that demand new levels of agility, digitalisation and partnerships.

We make it easy by delivering a cloud-enabled business environment and taking care of every day aspects of service enablement, as you evolve your business.

Business support systems need a more flexible future

We live in an increasingly personalised, on-demand world, the pressure of which is felt acutely by the telecoms industry. Telco customers can already build a DIY telecoms plan based on a menu of tariffing options, creating a personalised service at a price point that suits their budget.

But with 5G, particularly in the enterprise business market, that personalisation option is turbo-charged. This means that having the flexibility and capability in the business support system (BSS) to fulfil a range of different requirements, and to reliably and accurately deliver and charge for those services, has become a critical factor in the battle for market leadership, customer excellence and operational ROI.

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How MDS Global grew from an MVNO to a leading provider of BSS-as-a-Service

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…one of the key strengths of the MDS Global service is that it allows us to respond so much more rapidly and effectively to new opportunities… This assured speed to market is absolutely critical in the mobile communications industry.”

Head of Service Management, BT Mobile

How it works

We run all or part of your BSS operations, centred around our cloud-enabled BSS platform, as an assured service.

BSS-As-A-Service Architecture
BSS-as-a-Service architecture. Services, systems and dedicated processes in one.

Manage your business via dedicated controls for:

  • Customer & Stakeholder Management
    Directly manage prospects and stakeholders, at any touch point, for orders, changes, support information and termination. Workflows drive standardised business processes, which are fully configurable to match your business model. Additional assisted and digital customer service channel interfaces can also be added using our service-oriented architecture.
  • Service & Product Configuration
    Administer your service propositions, rules and formats. This includes DIY plans that enable end re-sellers, administrators and users to configure, price and purchase services that they define themselves within your rule boundaries. Our team is responsible for building you the service patterns that make this happen.
  • Business Analytics & Campaigns
    Dashboards and reports to monitor business products, customers, revenue, costs, exceptions, channels and operations. Campaigns that engage with stakeholders with a variety of service and information options can be based on contextual awareness discovered by our analytics.

Meanwhile, we run your BSS monetisation operations, we assure accuracy and steer stakeholders. We take full ownership of delivering change and ensuring availability.


Your channels and customers have control

Giving stakeholders and customers control delivers the largest saving in customer services and delivers the optimal experience. Your end-customers, account administrators, resellers and partners are provided with real-time and dedicated self-service controls.

These are built on our common API layer which provides secured access to all business processes, so all stakeholders have a common persistent view of their services, workflow status, tickets and orders.

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Beyond keeping the lights on

We manage the full billing, assurance and retention problem.
We Monetise, We Assure, We Steer

Key Features

Flexible Operations

To support existing relationships and resources, we can handle as much or as little of the operations as you wish, leaving the desired level of business control in your hands.

Digital automation and optimisation

To maximise automation and experience, all channel business processes are automated and real-time, including charging and usage control. Users, stakeholders and assisted channels have 24hr on-demand control over their services.

Fast launch for B2B, VNO and IoT services

We are a specialist in B2B, VNO and IoT services. Our capabilities and processes have been matured through working with some of the most complex and advanced service providers globally.

Service Governance & Evolution

A dedicated account team are led by a governance manual that details your entire service operation, including service levels, roles and responsibilities. Our assurance continually looks at how operations can evolve to provide the continued operational excellence.

ITIL & ISO Compliance

Our business is ISO27001 (security), ISO22301 (business continuity) and ISO 9001 (quality) certified. Our service model is also ITIL aligned for best practice IT service management. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and are working hard to ensure that our processing meets the GDPR requirements. Learn more.

Make it easy DNA

MDS Global has spun out from a service provider 20 years ago. Our teams are some of the most experienced BSS operations staff in our industry. Our critical mission is to make it easy for you and your end customers.

Deliverable to production within 12 weeks using our Metro option

Metro is a deployment approach designed to deliver our solutions faster and at low cost, using convention over configuration principles. It delivers all the features and use cases of our flagship BSS product, Cloud Monetisation Platform, and OSS/CRM modules, using standardised interfaces and best practice processes that are tried and tested for today’s market.

Metro also enables you to move towards our Global version – our solution fully tailored to your ecosystem and business practices as they grow, through additional configuration and solution options.

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