Assurance is a 24hr practice

With evolving fraud practices and business change, it is essential to have an agile assurance team to recover the 1-10% of revenues that is typically lost by providers.

An on-demand assurance services team

We provide a range of assurance services that can work with your existing BSS environment or as part of our BSS-as-a-Service. These services are delivered using our cloud-hosted analytics, monitoring software and/or Revenue Protection Centre. Our assurance services can address leakages through:

  • Fraud and service abuse
  • Failure in revenue management processes
  • Service change or migration


Revenue Protection Centre Preview

Featured Services

We offer two key assurance services containing a range of flexible options.

Fraud Alert Service

At a subscriber level, we proactively generate a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer behaviour and risk profile to discover losses to fraud and enable measures to avoid recurrence. We do this via continuous, 24-hour monitoring and alerting using a number of data records including usage, online orders, service consumption and account changes.

Our Fraud Alert Service is available as a standalone solution, which provides a comprehensive cover using rule sets, or can be integrated with your existing BSS to provide complete fraud alerting.

Analytics on Devices

Revenue Alert Service

Your business and environment are always changing. Using your existing ecosystem, our team can operate a revenue assurance service using our own assurance platforms.

We proactively reconcile data points between usage, charges, orders, bills and activations to discover risks, errors and losses in your business processes. We also track key technical application and data processes for real and potential failures as a preventative measure. We do this via a continuous 24-hour service team, who work with you through systematic reporting and direct interaction for important issues.