MDS Global supports launch of iD Mobile’s WiFi Calling Service

MDS Global, a BSS-as-a-Service provider of VNO, B2B and IoT solutions, today announced the company’s involvement in the creation and launch of iD Mobile’s new Wifi Calling service. The service, which is the first of its type to be launched by an MVNO, enables subscribers to make and take calls, and text, using a Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi Calling Service provides subscribers with the ability to automatically connect to an available Wi-Fi network to make voice calls. Customer experience is enhanced through the seamless connection from network to Wi-Fi, reducing the likelihood of indoor blackspots. The MVNO can also differentiate between 3G, 4G and WiFi calls, which helps iD Mobile agents to troubleshoot network issues whilst understanding the volume of each call type.

In the project, led by a leading UK service provider, MDS Global’s Cloud Monetisation Platform (CMP) integrated with a number of other leading vendors, contributes to providing iD Mobile with transformative customer experience and end-to-end revenue management, whilst handling the usage quotas and tariffs related to customer interaction.

Mohamed Fahmy, Senior Solutions Manager, iD Mobile said, “We are the first MVNO to launch this service in the UK and are proud of the fact that customers who may experience limited 3G or 4G coverage whilst indoors, can now use their WiFi to make/receive calls and texts. We expect this to significantly improve our Net Promotor Score (NPS), and to ensure we sustain our position as one of the UK’s leading MVNOs.”

Gary Bunney, CEO, MDS said, ”Innovation is key to the success of an MVNO and iD Mobile continues to push boundaries in the area of customer service and satisfaction. We are proud to have worked with iD Mobile and the wider ecosystem of vendors who were involved in making this project a success.”

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