Who are VADSA?

VADSA is a Mexican MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) that provides a one-stop shop for MVNOs. VADSA’s sister company, Exis, is the first MVNO to be on-boarded on VADSA’s MVNE platform. Exis aims to give control and choice to their customers, offering a real-time, wholly digital customer experience with content-based, application-based, and traditional voice and data packages. Exis will roll out a range of innovative offers aimed at specific target groups, such as university students.

VADSA intends to operate across all market sectors and has an impressive goal of attracting 3 million subscribers over 3 years. Being able to quickly develop offers for different niche markets is dependent on the agility of the BSS platform, which is why VADSA chose MDS Global’s VNOnDemand solution.

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Independence Monument in Mexico City

Bridging the digital gap

For a fully digital MVNO, VADSA want to overcome the challenges of targeting the consumer and business market segments using traditional pre-paid solutions or separate B2C/B2B stacks. Most of the customer engagement will be driven via a self-serve portal.

The full VADSA MVNO project, which includes web portals, mobile apps, BSS, online charging and core network components such as HSS, DPI and voicemail, is primed by MDS Global. It initially supports the Exis MVNO, but is being implemented as a full MVNE platform to subsequently support other MVNOs in the Mexican market.

Reliable BSS for digital ambition

With MDS Global’s VNOnDemand, VADSA can provide a one-stop shop for on-boarding new MVNOs. The solution provides the flexibility MVNOs need to differentiate their offers in a highly competitive market. An example of this is the ease of a pricing configuration model, which enables a faster time-to-market for new services to be released.

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Business benefits of VNOnDemand:

  • The rapid launch of the MVNO into a competitive and fast-moving market.
  • A complete real-time and wholly digital customer experience.
  • Content-based and application-based service offerings as well as traditional voice/data packages.
  • Ability to target consumer and business segments using a single solution.
  • An end-to-end solution supporting an organisation from the BSS back-end, to business analytics, and customer portal at the front.
VNOnDemand Use Cases

“We are about to embark on an exciting project which will offer new and differentiated services to the people of Mexico. MDS Global’s solution will provide us with the capabilities to successfully launch and operate a new MVNO on time and to budget. Jose Luis Sanchez, our CEO is taking VADSA into a next generation of telcos that need to focus on the customer and this customer-centric solution ensures we are future-proofed for today and tomorrow’s projects.”

Natalia Saenz, President of VADSA