In Nigeria, half of the market is unconnected to mobile broadband.

Mobile technology plays an increasingly important role for consumers and businesses alike, and for many Nigerians, mobile broadband is the first and only option for accessing the internet. However, only 4 percent of mobile users have access to 4G. This not only hinders economic and societal growth, it also denies users access to more advanced services like 5G and IoT. It’s clear to see why Nigeria is falling behind its regional peers.

But the Nigerian Communications Commission is upping the ante. With new licences for MVNOs, change is on the horizon.

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Why MVNOs?

Often lighter and more agile than their traditional MNO counterparts, MVNOs foster innovation and competition, and can differentiate not only on price, but also on services offered, and value created. Facilitating the launch of a new MVNO is a lucrative option for MNOs looking for additional routes to market and opportunities to generate new, wholesale revenue streams.

Your new MVNO could target price-conscious consumers, or businesses with precise package requirements. It’s up to you. What matters is how quickly you can get to market.

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To launch your services quickly, you need a clean, digital MVNE platform that provides a one-stop-shop to propel MVNOs to market. MDS Global’s solution offers just this – a fast, low-cost approach to BSS deployment for greenfield or brownfield initiatives. With MDS Global, you can be up and running – and disrupting the market – in just 12 weeks.

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The solution

MDS Global’s award-winning VNOnDemand solution provides the flexibility MVNOs need to differentiate their offers in a highly competitive market. Enabling mobile, fixed and IoT services covering both telco and non-telco products, you can quickly develop unique, segment-specific propositions and create superior digital experiences for customers.

Based on our Cloud Monetisation Platform, and proven in operators such as Telefónica O2, BT and iD Mobile, VNOnDemand ensures that the systems of tenants in an MVNE/A environment are configured and integrated individually, ensuring total flexibility and control of their services. Frictionless onboarding and fast time-to-market for new initiatives ensures that wholesale revenues are recognised rapidly.

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Why MDS Global?

Having evolved from an MVNO, MDS Global have the knowledge and expertise to deliver successful, disruptive MVNOs that take the market by storm. Our platform today meets the demands of Tier 1 operators and is delivered as a SaaS product on either private or public cloud infrastructure. It comes with out-of-the-box business processes and industry best-practice, such that it can be delivered within 12 weeks in its standard form, called Metro.

Solution features and benefits


For scalable and cost-effective infrastructure management.

Real-time service management

Put your customers in control of their spending.

Enriched product catalogue

Configure hybrid offers, including telco and non-telco services for pre- and post-pay customers.

Convention over configuration

Unique delivery option, with best practice processes, to get you into production within 12 weeks, at low cost. Learn about our Metro approach.

Digitally driven customer engagement

Reduce OpEx costs and provide personalised, seamless, barrier-free interactions for the on-demand generation.

Pay-as-you-grow model

Only pay for what you use, relative to revenue.

Fast on-boarding

Launch compelling services in days.

Individual architecture for MVNE tenants

For total control and flexibility in a white-labelled MVNE/A environment.

As-a-Service architecture

Minimise the costs and complexity of IT.

“Incredibly strong use-cases and excellent customer experience – the standout winner!”

MDS Global was crowned Best Solution Provider at the MVNOs Awards Ceremony 2020 for its VNOnDemand solution.

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