Parlem, a mobile virtual network operator based in Barcelona, offers communication services including mobile, fixed, cloud applications and ADSL/FTTH services to enterprises in Catalonia. Parlem enables their services to be managed via apps as part of an accessible, user-friendly offering that provides control over elements such as virtual lines, visual voicemail and VoIP.

The digital nature of the service provides an opportunity for consumer behaviour to be analysed in a way that ensures that Parlem continues to understand the needs of their subscribers. To achieve this, Parlem chose MDS Global’s VNOnDemand Analytics as a packaged service to further facilitate their customer-centricity.

Watch Parlem’s CEO, Ernest Pérez-Mas, explain how MDS Global’s VNOnDemand Analytics solution will support Parlem in achieving their strategy for future growth and market share.

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“Ensuring that we offer a personalised service to our customers is an essential part of our appeal in the market. Every customer is unique and MDS Global’s analytics solution will provide us with greater visibility of what we’re doing right, and wrong, in order to sustain an existing subscriber base and to expand it.

Utilising analytics-as-a-service enables us to free up vital internal resources with the reassurance that we can access performance data that is being analysed hour-by-hour.”

Ernest Pérez-Mas, Founder and CEO of Parlem. 

Business-optimising Analytics Solution

MDS Global’s VNOnDemand Analytics solution will help Parlem answer critical business questions and deliver valuable benefits. Providing insight on service usage, profitability, sales, customer segmentation and business assurance, the cloud service offers the following benefits:

  • Prioritisation and optimisation of services based on popularity/revenue
  • Visibility of targets and costs during the planning process
  • Optimisation of sales channels
  • An understanding of where to target retention programs
  • Visibility of business process performance.

These benefits will ultimately lead to improved customer service, greater customer retention, and an improved product offering that is specifically tailored to their market.

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VNOnDemand Analytics

Gary Bunney from MDS Global said, “Parlem can continue to excel in resource and service management, based on solid business intelligence fed to them by our analytics solution. It will help the company achieve greater control and profitability in its business. We are proud to help Parlem drive its next phase of growth and market dominance.”

Watch the VNOnDemand Analytics video.