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5G is built for B2B. In fact, 5G will transform B2B, and the biggest transformation of all will be the relationship between operators and their Enterprise customers. With previous generations of mobile technology, operators have had sole responsibility for defining their network services, but with 5G, Enterprises are promoted to co-creators.

The ability of 5G networks to offer different levels of experience – speed, latency, privacy, priority etc. – to different people at the same time will enable a range of non-telco services, from smart cities and smart transport to smart agriculture and smart healthcare. These projects are ground-breaking and wide-reaching – not to mention lucrative – and Enterprises are keen to get started. But they can’t do it alone, and neither can you. It’s time to get co-creative.

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MDS Global supports BT Enterprise

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The solution

MDS Global’s Enterprise BSS solution, B2BonDemand, allows service providers to specifically target the Enterprise market with mobile, fixed and IoT solutions covering both telco and non-telco products.

Specifically for the co-creative era, services and propositions can be created for each Enterprise based on core elements, so it becomes personalised for their specific application. Based on our Cloud Monetisation Platform, and proven in operators such as Telefónica O2 and BT, B2BonDemand enables you to automate your processes when selling to SMEs, large Enterprises and public organisations, which are often complicated with complex accounts, multiple stakeholders and negotiated contracts.

CMP front-end

Why MDS Global?

MDS Global specialises and leads the market in Enterprise BSS solutions. Our platform today meets the demands of Tier 1 operators and is delivered as a SaaS product on either private or public cloud infrastructure. It comes with out-of-the-box business processes and industry best-practice, such that it can be delivered within 12 weeks in its standard form, called Metro.

Solution features and benefits

Enterprise self-care

Uniquely designed to handle the complexity of self-service in large group accounts, significantly reducing your customer services costs.

Real-time engagement

For in-the-moment Enterprise and customer spend and service management.

Complex account hierarchy management

To manage large volume accounts with personalised billing and cost-centre mirroring by department and for individual stakeholders.

Enterprise product catalogue

Designed for commercial B2B flexibility, negotiations and proposition management.

Integrated workflows and APIs

To automate business processes internally and with external solutions for end-to-end zero-touch order-to-cash and usage-to-cash management.

Operational console

So you can intuitively configure and manage the lifecycle of services and products yourself, including bulk change processes.

Convention over configuration

Unique delivery option, with best practice processes, to get you into production within 12 weeks, at low cost. Learn about our Metro approach.


For scalable and cost-effective infrastructure management.

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