Event Start Date: 7th October 2020
Event End Date: 12th November 2020
Time: 12:00 am
Address: Online


MDS Global will be participating in the Digital Transformation World Series, a six-week program of online sessions and collaboration, as part of the 5G Ride On catalyst.

The purpose of this catalyst is to demonstrate how a complex ecosystem of partners, systems and business processes, as found in the electric vehicle charging market, can be orchestrated and monetised by a virtualised 5G service provider using an autonomous network framework. Learn more about this catalyst project >>

Akil Chomoko, MDS Global's Chief Marketing Officer, will represent the 5G Ride On catalyst in the 5G Monetisation Strategy panel session on Wednesday 4th November.

Digital Transformation World will run from 7th October – 12th November 2020. CSPs can attend this event for free. Book your place here >>