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BT Enterprise, part of the BT PLC group of companies, sells communications and IT services to around 1.2 million businesses and public sector organisations in the UK and Republic of Ireland. BT Enterprise provides network products and services to more than 1,400 communications service providers operating in Great Britain.

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Seeking a partner that could provide a complete end-to-end solution to support its re-entry into the UK mobile market, BT Enterprise selected MDS Global’s assured B2BonDemand solution. BT Enterprise uses our technology, services and expertise to design, price, deliver and bill new telecoms services for its corporate mobile customer base.

B2BonDemand is BT Enterprise’s chosen platform for strategic mobility solutions for corporate and large public sector accounts. It also supports BT Global and IoT based services such as BT Redcare.

MDS Global’s B2BonDemand platform is known for its ability to handle complex corporate accounts. Offering service providers flexibility and reliability, the operational streamlining of customer care and billing processes means that an exceptional level of customer service can then be passed on to the operator’s customers.

The automation of traditionally manual BSS processes and real-time business insights offers operational cost reduction and a better digital experience for any agent tasked with ensuring customer satisfaction, while B2BonDemand‘s scalability compliments BT’s ambition and plans for growth.

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MDS Global enables BT Business M2M/IoT Services

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“Our relationship with MDS Global has already played a major role in helping us to modernise and simplify the operations of corporate and large public sector accounts. Voice, data network and contact centre solutions are an all-important part of our service offering, and MDS Global’s B2BonDemand platform enables us to become even more customer focused and meet our customers’ complex communications needs.”

Spokesperson at BT Enterprise