5G personalisation accelerates demand for dedicated BSS in high-revenue B2B sectors

Warrington, United Kingdom, 16 December 2019: MDS Global Ltd, a leading BSS-as-a-Service provider, in collaboration with Telecoms.com Intelligence, today announced the findings of their 2019 Annual Industry Survey Report. In the report, dedicated and designed-for modern B2B BSS solutions were highlighted as a key requirement by Communication Service Providers (CSPs), with 84% of respondents identifying B2B as the area where enterprise customers will generate the highest revenue growth in 2020 and beyond.

Based on 540 responses to a survey, the report took an overview of the industry landscape over the last 12 months and provided projections for activity from 2020 and beyond. The OSS/BSS section of the survey highlighted that the B2B segments, including large enterprises (30%), small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (19%), small office/home office (SOHO) (17%), as well as public sector and wholesale partners, need to be served by a specialist B2B BSS platform. This platform should offer a dedicated digital engagement approach supporting personalised order, workflow and service management demands of enterprises, resellers and partners.

According to the survey, 50% of CSPs already have a separate platform to reflect this sector’s demand, and 50% of these require a more digital approach to market engagement. 90% of CSPs agreed that the SME segment specifically requires real-time usage and control and the ability to configure, price and order services via online tools. Defined by service level agreements, business customers often demand higher levels of customisation, shorter time to market for new services, and tend to be less tolerant of failures. But at the same time, they are also less sensitive to price, compared with the consumer market.

Flexibility and customisation for both CSPs and enterprise is also especially important in 5G with its strong virtualisation and software-centric characteristics. The B2B sector is forecast to significantly outweigh the B2C sector as a major source of revenue from 5G services and the report reinforced how important 5G technology is in shaping and scheduling future projects. A staggering 97% of CSPs will use SDN/NFV environments to allow integrated services to be personalised, demonstrating that virtualisation will trigger major BSS change.

Gary Bunney, CEO, MDS Global said, “Currently, most BSS running in Communication Service Providers are hardwired to support traditional enterprise services and incorporate many offline business processes that require high-cost specialist resources to deliver constant change.”

He continues, “Today’s market demands low-cost service agility. MDS Global is uniquely placed to assist CSPs in automating service engagement whilst enabling the opportunity that 5G and service personalisation brings to enterprises. We provide a dedicated B2B BSS-as-a-Service platform, decreasing the costs associated with operations, automating customer engagement and providing agility to ensure our CSP customers are able to invent, tailor and launch new services without the hindrance of engineering challenges.”

MDS Global’s B2B-on-Demand enables cost-efficiency and dedicated service delivery. Download the Telecoms.com Insight 2019 Annual Industry Survey here.

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