MDS Global celebrates 20 years in Limerick

MDS Global today celebrated 20 years of doing business from Limerick with its CEO Gary Bunney and a senior IDA delegation.

The company, which is based in Cornmarket Square in Limerick city centre, employs 40 people in Ireland working within the design, development and test functions.

“The Limerick site plays a very important role in the overall business of MDS Global.  Due to the expertise of the team here a number of global functions, including QA and product development, are managed from the Limerick site. We have recently committed to making a significant investment in the facilities of the Limerick site and are taking additional floor space in the Cornmarket Square complex allowing  for future expansion, further underlining MDS Global’s commitment to the Limerick operation,” said Gary Bunney, CEO, MDS Global.

Niall O’Callaghan, Manager, Mid-West Region, IDA Ireland said “MDS Global’s Limerick operation represents a valuable addition to the telecommunications sector in Ireland. It also enhances Limerick’s reputation as an excellent location for technology companies, which increases the potential for future such investment in the region. I wish MDS Global continued success as the company looks to expand its operation in the coming years.”

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