MDS Global launches VNOnDemand solution

MDS Global has launched a completely new proposition, VNOnDemand, which is dedicated to the virtual network operator (VNO) market.

In order to succeed in a crowded and competitive marketplace, MVNOs need to deliver an ‘OnDemand’ experience, to provide the digital experience today’s consumer expects. This must be real-time, 24/7, app-based and offer flexible payment options that include pre-pay, post-pay and hybrid.

The VNOnDemand solution combines monetisation and analytics capabilities, coupled with MDS’ industry expertise, for customers such as iD Mobile and BT. This enables VNOs to digitally launch new products and reach multiple customer segments, from consumer to B2B (SMB, Corporates and IoT). VNOnDemand enables VNOs to give their consumers and business customers OnDemand control, utilising digital channels to engage, purchase and personalise services.

Offered to CSPs as a complete managed service solution, VNOnDemand provides VNOs with the people, processes and technology to remove the barriers to growth whilst ensuring CSPs only pay for what they are using. The as-a-service architecture puts agility at the centre of a VNO’s operational capacity to support constant business transformation, whilst minimising costs and optimising operational processes.

“Today’s MVNO businesses have a huge opportunity, whether they’re a brand, retailer, or B2B service provider,” commented Gary Bunney, CEO at MDS Global. “Our VNOnDemand solution enables VNOs to deliver the compelling digital experience that today’s generation demands. This will build market share for an MVNO and substantially reduce its cost of operation.”

“Besides reducing costs through digitising the consumer experience, our Business Operations improves operational efficiency through analytics-driven consultancy, enabling wholesale optimisation and reconciliation, smart segmentation, pricing, fraud and revenue assurance,” Bunney continued.

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